Monday, March 21, 2011

POLO men's spring/summer shoes

Spring (or fall) has sprung, hallelujah!

How was the full moon? It rained here, so we missed it. It did get me thinking of all the Merlin's eons ago building their solar temples to gods long forgotten. How many waited all year for the equinox or solstice's first light, vital for placement of the all important observatory, only for the day to be overcast?

Overseer at Stonehenge telling the boys to go away until next year, maybe they'll have better luck. Until then, Merlin is on notice.

I suspect he probably got one pass, then off with his head. Who needs a cursed magician?

Now that it's Spring we can think seriously about spring raiment. Today I'm thinking shoes.

Of the many catalogs which windup here, the most like those found in airplane seat backs is Herrington's. Treasures from all corners of the earth. Treasures you are amazed you ever lived without. Treasures, and the occasional odd useful item.

Saturday's catalog had a load of Ralph's pretty good penny loafer driving mocs, in a wide variety of sizes and colors. An arguable bargain at only $99.

If you self tan, you may appreciate a pair in Porsche Orange.

I wanted the green suede but popped for the Brown/Linen number.

Happy days are here again.


Jane Schott said...

These look good enough to eat! That crazy Ralph seems to always get it right. I have lots of fellows that need to get these for their happy feet this Spring.

James said...

Please tell us how the shoes turn out. Like you I'm torn between the green and linen, but I'd like to hear how you like yours.

Manolo C said...

me gustan mucho. uso unos azules de tod´s esta primavera muy muy comodos
felicidades por tu seleccion!!

cammie said...

orange. buy the orange. I bought an orange pair of sperry top-siders and despite thembeing bright enough to use as atraffic cone, I love them. They are spiffy and unexpected. The ones you chose are the nicest, but they aren't orange. (As a UK alumni, I run risks wearing orange shoes, lest folks think I would cheer for Tennesee)

Suburban Princess said...

Now if only I could find these in women's styles!

Flo said...

But Max says no beefrolls are ever allowed.

Toad said...

Flo, I'm generally inclined to agree, these may be the exception which proves the rule, or mayhaps the roll is moderate. I'll report back.

Dovecote Decor said...

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Dovecote Decor said...

I forgot to mention: "Get over your shoes!!" Rain on the solstice is truly a nightmare. You caught me on Merlin. I have always been obsessed by lost wisdom, so when I was in Ecuador, I was entranced by their pre-Columbian knowledge that the earth was round, and that they lived on the equator of their planet and that our little orb tilted at 23.45 degrees. I visited Stonehenge when I was 17 and it blew my mind. Back to the shoes.... how did you forget Skymall? Someone seriously needs to bury that in a time capsule. I really prefer the Sky Mall marsh mellow gun to all the shoes. You must have been on British Airways. I'm getting silly and should stop commenting.

Anonymous said...

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