Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ireland in America

My Grandfather's House
Mitchelstown, Cnty Cork

In honor of the Saint's day, it may be a good time to check in on the Irish in America. Our source, the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey (2009), and John Lee.

Sayeth the ACS:

  • Eight times more Americans claim Irish ancestry than live in Ireland. The second largest ethnic group in the US, after Germans.

  • 24% of Massachusetts residents claim Irish blood, the US average 12%

  • There are some 125,000 Irish born Americans in the US. On average they are older (median age 60) and somewhat wealthier than the population as a whole (household incomes $56k v $50k). This may change over the next year or so, with a new wave of emigration.

  • The Irish are better educated than the general population. 32% of those over 25 have a college degree v 27% in the general population.

  • 70% of those with Irish ancestry own the home they live in v 66% of Americans (Does this remotely sound true?)

  • There are are 9 cities named Dublin's and 4 Shamrocks in the US

  • Time to hit the streets


    Divine Theatre said...

    My birth mother is from County Cork...perhaps we are related?

    James said...
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    James said...

    "And the rest of the day to you"

    Martha said...

    And don't we ALL claim to be Irish today?

    Patsy said...

    That looks like my grandmother's house in County Mayo, minus the ladder to the roof deck.

    My grandfather hailed from from Cork as well, although I forget the name of the town.

    Boywilli said...

    That's me - half German, half Irish, wholly average.

    JMW said...

    So proud to tout my Irish heritage today, although I'm always proud to be Irish. Slainte!