Sunday, March 13, 2011

before and after

It's only natural that a man would want his dog to exude a certain flair, a point of view, a dogly elegance. Freud would have a field day, but a dog, after all, is a manifestation of a world view.

To that end, dogs have expectations of us too. Let down the side and there is hell to pay.

Yesterday, I let down the side. Pooh was too matted to brush , and Charlie came home from a walk in the woods full of burrs and vermin, so I called for a day at the groomers.

They are not amused. I can only barely tell them apart. Charlie has furrier ears, and tail.

If you pay attention, you can read a dog's questions by its demeanor. Both are asking why I couldn't wait a month, or at least until it warmed up a tad.

Perhaps you had to have been there.


The enchanted home said...

Hysterical....Pooh is sooo cute, but looks freaked out a tad having lost his "coat"......same thing happened to my neices dog...and he kept hiding and wouldn' eat for about 2 weeks (this is a true story) they finally took him to the doctors and he concluded his behavior was totally due to his fur being shaved my niece goes out and buys this little coat at the suggestion of the doctor and within a few days Teddy starts eating and regaining his normal personality! And who said they aren't smart!!
Great blog..please visit mine, a newer one about the building of our house and my love for design and decor!

Divine Theatre said...

I once had a kitty (or should I say she once had me?), that I used to take to the groomer for what they call a "lion" style. She didn't look like a lion, though. She looked like an angry cat without pants. Not happy. Not at all. It did improve the hairball situation...but not much else.
Felicity, if you're out there in the Great Beyond, please know I did it because I love you!

David said...

While the dogs may have concerns, *you* get to enjoy clean animals, and I'm envious.

Alex's groomer has been sick, he's two weeks overdue, and considering the construction happening here he is a dusty, dirty, hairy mess.