Monday, March 14, 2011

An editorial and observation

Please note that I am in no way making sport with our friends and allies in Japan, it's just that some things are too hard to ignore.

Have you been watching the news from Japan this weekend?

I have been riveted, and something has struck me powerfully. Ever since the earthquake Japanese politicians have been on television, telling their countrymen how badly screwed they are. " We've lost 25% of our national electrical generating capacity, there are several nuclear power stations with melting cores on our mainland. The bodies of your friends and families are washing up on shore, your homes, highways, and way of life have been destroyed. Godzilla can't get here until Tuesday. Ad nauseum."

Obviously, the folks are depressed, in shock, scared, homeless, screwed, but from what I've seen stoic and believing they are dealt with honestly.

In the US, during any calamity, it's understood that any and every official on the air is a manifestation of Pinocchio. We can clearly tell who is lying. The guy with his lips moving.

Granted, I'm watching Japanese news through a US filter, but it is refreshing to WANT to believe that governments can be honest with their citizens during horrible events. It's just a shame it's unlikely to ever happen here.



Divine Theatre said...

Dr. Paul can be relied upon to tell the truth. No one cares to listen, mostly.

house things said...

I completely agree with what you are saying. What a shame that we have lost trust in most, if not all, U.S. politicians.

Bob said...

Well said!

Lou said...

Gosh, how awful, you poor United Statesians. Here in blighty all our politicians tell the truth. All. The. Time. Otherwise they don't get tea......

Karena said...

Toad it may be sad, howver I can hardly stand to watch the news anymore. Anything of importance I get from friends, blog, or otherwise.

I feel horribly for Japan, we have had so many tragedies here in the USA though many of which in areas that have yet to recover.

By the way your header and Tommy Kane's art is amazing!

Art by Karena

nanc said...

My stepson is in Japan and told us how the guy in front of him got out of his car and was yelling about having to wait in line so long for gas. We were just watching the news where they reported how extremely patient the population is. We guessed our son must have run into the only impatient Japanese gentleman.

Divine Theatre said...

It is a FAR CRY from the behavior in Louisiana. I highly doubt the people of Japan are looting, raping, murdering and demanding McDonald's from their government.
Come to think of it, that didn't happen during a similar disaster in Iowa.
Perhaps the US should get rid of entitlements so we can ALL get some peace?