Friday, March 4, 2011

Hoz's suit

I've written before that I do not hold with visible monograms on men's shirts. To me, it's a very short step from wearing a name tag. My friends wear them, my favorite blogger wears them, you may wear them. I'm not judgmental. If you want to, go ahead, I won't say anything, they are just not for me

However, there is a line, at least in the sand of matters sartorial, where when it comes to writing on clothing, one may never cross, even if a thug. I saw it at How to talk to girls at parties.

ADG, esteemed monogramist and arbiter of clothing related fuzzy dice over at Maxminimus, has likely as not, never even once considered this contrivance, but god help us if he finds a good cloth maker.

Put your glasses on and look closely at the photo above. See it? The pin stripes. Clearly, in the early stages of old timers, Hoz had the fabric woven with his NAME- written in English-picked into the stripes. Have you ever? Imagine going eyeball to eyeball with this giddyup and having to keep a straight face.

As my sainted mother drilled into her sons, "bad taste speaks louder than money." I now understand why the Egyptians wanted him gone so badly.



Main Line Sportsman said...

Wow...atrocious....just wrong on so may levels.

vir beātum said...

That's one of the few things I've seen for which I reserve the ad hominem response 'arse wipe'. My apologies for sullying your blog with my bad French.

Boywilli said...

I love your mom's saying! I'll remember that one.

ADG said...

Another example of Jesus getting back at me for not reading blogs in a month. Glad I caught this. I'm gonna commission a fabric with a repeat of LAGNAF ... LAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAFLAGNAF,


Anonymous said...

Lots of people have personalized pinstripe suits , Rachel Maddow , George Schultz and John Kerry . The Tom James Co. makes along with others .