Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coming Home- A rant

Once upon a time, I asked if the I Hate Men Network (Lifetime) had women working there. I had taken offence at an airing of Pride and Prejudice, in which the ending was cut. I ask again, do they hire women, or anyone who is in or has ever been in a family, or does the glass ceiling stop at the front door?

Most of the world's difficulties can be laid at the feet of boys and beer, a lethal combination for any brain cell activity. Boys and beer will do things no woman would ever consider. Imagine a woman green-lighting this.

For your consideration, I present I Hate Men Channel's new television series Coming Home. Coming Home is a typical All-American maudlin soap opera of families separated, obstacles overcome, with alls well at the end of the story, but with a cold, cruel twist. In this new series, which begins this evening, military service men and women, who have been serving honorably in difficult overseas assignments, just happen to come home and drop in on their families, UNANNOUNCED. Say that last sentence to yourself slowly.

The SOB's got sprung from Afghanistan, never told their families they were coming home, yet had the presence of mind to alert a camera crew, just to be able to play gotcha. Sixty six years ago, coming home unannounced was the norm, but now we have touch-tone. This is a low down, dirty, heartless trick.

I've been working so hard lately to keep my cynicism in check, and then they go and do this. I do so hope I'm wrong about this, and will apologize to each and every one of you if I am. Someone will have to let me know though, for in protest for the rest of March, or until the PBS fund raiser is over (whichever comes first) I am joining TV less Divine Theatre.

End of Rant. Thank you



Anonymous said...

Toad, I saw the commercial for this show and was just so enthralled by it. It was SOOOO melancholy. You feel great for the families and then your heart just aches as you see the tears. I remember growing up with a father who worked overseas and the pain of saying goodbye at the airport every couple of months. Anyhow, I just hope this show isn't angling for a political statement. That would be hitting below the belt to have these crying families out there and then to slyly point out that "war is hell" or "our current wars are unjust" bla bla bla. to that end, i won't be watching either.

Divine Theatre said...

As evidenced by the detritus I am forced to read as I wait in the checkout line at the grocery store, I'd say men and women are neck-in-neck when it comes to troublesome behavior on television.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

This is a horrible idea, but it WILL do well. People are dying to (for God knows why) observe and gawk at human emotion turned up to 11. We want extreme rejection, extreme anger, and extreme lust (to name a few), but only in our reality shows. Rant away, Good Sir! You are right in tune!

Lynn said...

So mean to do this to kids. What are people thinking.