Saturday, October 9, 2010

News from Del Toro

I am inadvertently shilling for Del Toro once again, but during the past week I received 2 emails I thought I'd share. This is an unpaid, unsolicited plug, presented only because I like mine, a lot.

Email #1 In which they sound as if they want to be an alternative to Belgians


Miami Beach, FL. (October 5, 2010) Del Toro shoes are offering yet more options for designing your dream loafer. In a month you will be able to have Del Toros in velvet, leather, suede or linen and pick the color of the trim. The company offers diverse embroidery options but also gives their customers a possibility of designing a unique pair of shoes by uploading a picture of their favorite pet or a family crest, for example.

The shoes are available exclusively online at Prices range from $195 for the simple loafer to $295 for the fully customized embroidery. Del Toro will have your pair handmade outside of Madrid, Spain and delivered within two months.

Email 2 from Matt the Prez, with a great inducement for the ladies

To all our Valued Customers:

Hey its Matt, I personally want to thank you guys for all the continued support. Thanks to you I have been able to develop Del Toro into the lifestyle brand I have always envisioned.

We are pleased to announce many positive changes. We are now offering countless more embroidery and material options all shown on the website.

We are also declaring the debut of our new models, the driving shoe line and boat slipper as well as some special deals in time for the holidays.

We are happy to boast our significant upgrade in quality and manufacturing thanks to our switch to producing in Madrid, Spain.

All orders placed by October 20th will be guaranteed by the holidays.

In order to celebrate this we are offering a special sale for returning customers. 15% percent off all models : code “Del Toro” (valid for all the month of October).

For all our loyal female customers we are now offering an even more worthwhile deal, buy one vintage classics at a discount of $145 ($50 off retail) each and get the second pair free. This applies only to the women’s black classic which has been featured both in Lucky magazine as part of the Fall Shoe guide and British Vogue.

Shilling or chillin'


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ADG said...

That's a decent looking suede moc. Kinda like if a Belgian shoe and an LL Bean blucher drank a bottle of Cold Duck and got jiggy.