Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good things come to those who wait.

State flag of Colorado

Fire season is over for our family and number 2 son is safely ensconced at home in Oregon. I am grateful and thankful he is home safely. Many thanks to each of you for your support.

That said I need to rat myself out.

During the 2009 fire season #2 had the harrowing experience of rolling his new truck over a switchback. To help him out of his jam I drove to Colorado, gave him my car, then flew home.

I am unfamiliar with Colorado ways, and approaching the airport terminal I saw signs reading toll road, but never saw a pay toll here booth. In my naiveté, I assumed the signs were new and the booths were a coming attraction. Not so apparently.

I delivered the car in August, and in October I received a bill for $75 from the Governor for driving his toll road. $75 seemed excessive at the time, and with no phone number on the bill to question I trashed it.

Thirty days later a second bill, with late fees added popped my total to $125.

Ever watch Deal or No Deal? I am continually amazed by the folks who don't wish to accept the $125,000 in the hand now offer, yet leave with a more comfortable $10. Certainly a BBD is right around the corner, maybe just not looking for them. I thought maybe Colorado was playing along with Howie Mandel.

The bill at Christmas came in a box and was $749.68. If I was unlikely to pay $75 or $125, I'm less than likely to to chip in $750, scofflaw that I am. I ignored that too, but was awed by how the battle escalated.

In June a collection agency threatened that I would not be able to renew my Colorado license plates unless I payed $200, right this very minute. They seemed unmoved, by my explanation that I lived 700 miles from Colorado, and wasn't shopping for Colorado plates, and even $200, while better than $750 still seemed out of line. And there things stood. Until yesterday.

I received another bill from the Governor. The bill had the correct date of my trip, the route I took, a phone number to call and an self addressed stamped envelope with which to enclose my check. This time they would be pleased if I would forward fourteen dollars and fifty cents.

The check is in the mail.



Shelley said...

What?? So if the Governor will settle for $14 something, where was the other $735 going to go? Makes no sense at all. And here's me thinking Colorado was one of the more sensible states... V. weird.

Martha said...

What an interesting story!!! Makes me glad that I live in Kansas!

James said...

Great news about your son.Must be a huge relief. You may want to check your credit report to make sure that nothing was done there.

Silk Regimental said...

Glad that your son is back safely.

I guess the lesson here is: Hold out for a better deal!

Suburban Princess said...

Glad to hear your son is home safe and sound!

It's fortunate that toll road is govt managed...we have a told road that is privately run and they will never back down.

JMW said...

So glad to hear your son is safe & sound. And, I'm so glad I don't have to deal with toll roads on a regular basis. Sheesh.

house things said...

I wonder how many people might have just paid the $75 or $125. I could see that happening. Glad you held out.

Toad said...

HT, the check for $125 was written at one point, but common sense eventually prevailed before it could be mailed.

David said...

Well played Sir!

LPC said...

Ha! And so glad your boy is home safe for the season.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Why oh why does that kind of negotiating work for me? I too am glad your son is back home safely in OR (my two eldest live in Oregon too).

Sorry I've been so bad about commenting.

Have a great Thursday Toad!