Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you work with a non profit helping kids?

I'm shilling. Number 1 son sent this email.

His employer, Consolidated Brands, better known as Payless Shoe Source is generally in the business of selling shoes, profitably. They have a softer side though, and in 2007 created a program called "Payless Gives Shoes 4 Kids".

Last year, they donated $1.2 million dollars worth of vouchers usable to purchase kids shoes at any Payless store through some 750 charities nationwide.

They are looking for more non profit partners, who also help kids, who would like to participate.

If you are involved in such a group, or know someone who is, send them this link. You may help a kid in your community.



Pigtown-Design said...

ME! I work for a non-profit for kids. Thanks for the heads up! You're a star!

Suburban Princess said...

I assume this is only for the US? I am in Rotary and we could easily find lots of kids who need shoes around here.

Toad said...

SP: Canada can play also.

Patsy said...

How generous! A good friend is with the Mass Coalition for the Homeless, I shall forward her the link. Thank you!