Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chuck and the new season

Wherever has the summer gone?

So now its fall, and the new television season is upon us. Our media hero, Chuck Lorre now has 3 opportunities each week to regale us with his wit and sass at the end of his programs, Mike and Mollie, The Big Bang Theory and Two and Half Men.

If you are new here, or simply unfamilar with Chuck Lorre Productions, at the end of each program,Chuck gives us a vanity card. A brief paragraph about what's on Chuck's mind. Think of it as his blog. You never see it because your TIVO stops too early, or you think its all the legal stuff and don't pay attention. You are missing a lot.

Chuck is twisted. Painfully. His vanity cards are a brief look into every guys mind. I recommend you pay more attention in the future. Or find your favorites here.

Last time, we left off at 282.



Jane K. Schott said...

Okay, My darin'n Mr. Toad, I have, thanks to you, spent the last 3 hours on the first day of the week reading the Chuck Lorre diaries.
Screw the rest of the day.

I had some GREAT laughs!

Free Kansas said...

It's nice to have some new Chuck. Looking forward to 2 more fresh rants tonight.

JMW said...

I never took note of this at the end of the programs - this is hilarious! A twisted sense of humor is a must in my book. :)

Jg. for FatScribe said...

after law school, i was with a company that had been w/ Warner Bros. for over two decades. huge, successful production company. my mentor (ridiculously successful showrunner like chuck) worked w/ chuck on one show that my friend's company had rescued, er, resuscitated. he wasn't too fond of chuck personally, but had massive respect for CL's ability to sniff out good material.