Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

There was a time, forgotten by many now, when self esteem was earned by your own ACCOMPLISHMENTS. It wasn't a god given right to have self esteem. Not everyone received trophies, didn't get adda boys, didn't win the girl, unless your succeeded at something. Preferably something worthwhile.

So imagine, it's the mid '60's. London. A young man emerges from the primordial goo, wanting to be a great musician. He knows he can play guitar pretty well, but that damned Jeff Beck plays far better, and for now is better known. There's a black kid in San Fransisco nipping at his heels too.

Self Esteem is pretty well shot, especially as he looks around and knows people are staying up late at night, printing money in the basement, for his friends The Beatles, and Rolling Stones. He's not hurting for cash, but...

To top it off, his best friend's wife is beginning to look pretty hot to him. Never a particularly good place for your head to be.

Then some SOB spray paints the graffiti in the photo. Devastated him. He crawled, then ran headlong to follow his demons. It took decades to hit low enough that he finally wanted to live, and live he did. Thanks to the love a good woman and the Fender Guitar Corporation. Eventually he earned his self esteem, rose to the top of his profession, and were all the happier for it.

Happy Birthday Mr. Clapton



M.Lane said...

WELL done! A great post.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

JUST thinking about this particular graffiti tag the other day! great minds ... well at least disturbed minds.

Anonymous said...

Well done as usual Toad, but you cropped out the dog urinating on the wall. I don't think that the dog was making an editorial comment though.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I love the new picture at top of page...excellent!
Love Clapton as well....who does not crank up Layla whenever it is on!

Toad said...

The old lady is the best part.