Monday, March 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

You must understand that Mrs. T rarely reads these pages. This could be proof positive of her inherent good sense, or her belief that what you don't know can't hurt you. Either way the coast is usually clear.

In this case someone, probably my daughter, tipped her off, and I was fed hot tongue and cold shoulder for what seemed an eternity.

My sole defense, thanks to Foobella, was that I was going, with a smile.

Of course I'm speaking of the Marvin Hamlish ordeal, on St. Patrick's Day.

The ducats were for Mrs. T and a guest only. No trades, no substitutes. She had to go, present a picture ID, and a guest if she could dig one up. It had to be her.

So who spent the day, and the week, curled up with her nebulizer?

She couldn't go, and I was gypped.

We later talked to friends who went. They expected to get out of there long by 7 pm, having time left to partake of at least some of the days festivities, as there would be no leaving the taping early. They left a little after midnight. Whatever enjoyment they had, was lost somewhere along the way.

BOA may have blinked, although nothing has been settled yet. I'll let you know.

Kansas Basketball
Each year I wager #1 son $1,000,000, double or nothing, per game for each of KU's basketball games. By the end of the Big 12 Tourney I'm out half a billion dollars or so. By the second week of the NCAA tourney I'm even. Happens every year.
Whatever hit my bride
Has laid the dogs and I low as well. We are almost on the mend, so tomorrow may have some substance. As well, everyone is finally safely home from Australia. Thank you Ozzies for taking such good care of them.

Be well, enjoy the first week of spring.



Shelley said...

I'm not sure I followed all that, but it sounds as though things didn't go to plan and now, just that spring is arriving, you are ill. Bummer. Well done you for not whinging. Hope you're feeling better soon!

ADG said... you actually pay your son?

Martha said...

But then there is the OTHER Kansas school -- which DID make the Sweet 16!

Mrs. Blandings said...

It's this darn weather that is sapping our spirits as well. Feel better - sun today.

Gail, in northern California said...

You must have been unusually good this year to have been spared
the Marvin Hamlish et al ordeal. Five hours+ taping? Suddenly, I had visions of a sweat tent.

Take good care of Mrs T and your blessed pooches. They know and
understand when we're not feeling up to par. Wander on over to house things I like for example of their ESP (A bad experience that continues to haunt)

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon. I actually did NOT rat you out on the fun St. Pats activities. Sorry you missed it. :)

foobella said...

ha! Glad I could help, even if I didn't know it, and even if it really didn't help in the end. =)

and just to make it even better, I misread "cold shoulder" as "cold shower", so I initially thought that "hot tongue" you were fed was ;P

Toad said...

I'm not terribly upset at missing the concert, although the meals were rather insipid.

No #1 rarely gets paid. Kansas almost always gets too big for their britches and crashes early. When they do win I happily pay up.

It is my understanding that if K-State never won another bb game ever, they would ride KU's loss for a decade or two. It's beyond comprehension that KState would ever win the NCAA tourney.