Monday, March 8, 2010

Stages of a boys life

Mrs. T and I volunteered to help a great friend at a professional do-gooder event over the weekend. Her husband is one of my oldest friends, and as guys will, he and I quickly began sizing up the women in the crowd. Pigs, I know.

There were two young, very attractive women in the crowd, and while cute, friend said, I have no interest any more. You?

I replied with my usual, "my shoes are older than her." He replied with his usual which I will not repeat.

That exchange led to this expose. It might help.

A boys life travels a long road.

I'd love to meet her

I'd do her

I'd do her, but at great personal cost!


I'd do her, but I am unwilling to pay the great personal cost involved, so I'll do something safer and as expensive instead.


I hope I can do her.


I want to do it all over again with her.

I hope that helped.


Shelley said...

What I nice, happy ending. Congratulations on having grown up!

nanc said...

My husband has tried to explain the same thing, but never so eloquently or with pictures!

Patsy said...

A lovely, smile inducing Monday story, thanks!

James said...

You definitely hit this topic out of the park. Well done Toad,as always you make one think.

Gail, in northern California said...

Oh, Toad, you old smoothie you.

Loved that quick tap dance you did at the end to redeem yourself.

Toad said...

Gail, you caught me, somehow the original post didn't feel right without it.

Brian said...

So this is what I have to look forward to. Great post as usual Toad.