Friday, March 5, 2010

Movie Stills

Think back to your favorite movie.

What was it that inspired you to see it? Had you read the book? Was your favorite actor in it? Was it date night and you had to pick something you'd both like?

Or, was it the photo in the ad, that caught your eye. It sure as hell wasn't the trailer.

Iconic images from movies fill our lives. I'm not alone in my inability to name famous actors. I may not be able to tell you who was in it, but I can probably recall the poster.

Each decade has a photo or a poster that is meaningful for a generation. Remember Easy Rider?

As long as movies have been made, stills have been released to generate publicity and to gauge fan reaction. It will go on forever.

If the movie is any good this could be the photo that rings a generations chimes many years from now.

Stick in the mud Mrs. T won't go, but I'm planning on it. Just wish I had a grandgirl in town to take me.



FatScribe said...

there's good weird and there's bad weird. this Burton fella, he makes some good weird films. (when i was a child, i used to call this story "Allison Wonderland" ... as opposed to Alice.)

anyhoo, just re-watched Lawrence in Arabia (not to be confused with "Lawrenson Arabia") the other night whilst working up some spreadsheets for a mtg. Of course, I ended up watching the movie and getting nothing done.

thx. for the terrific post! -Jg.

M.Lane said...

Excellent post. My favorite movie is The Quiet Man and I saw it by accident on TV one day years ago.


Toad said...

brother FatScribe welcome to the fray. In our house music lyrics generally get mashed. Movie names we can never remember.

Gail, in northern California said...

The actors, always. To Kill a Mockingbird. I was in love with Gregory Peck and his voice. Still am. One exception: Easy Rider and it was for the music. No, two exceptions: Miss Potter and it was for the subject matter (her life, her work, her legacy, her farm.)

I know what you mean about rent-a-kid. There's been a few animated films in recent years I'd like to see for the actors doing the voice-overs--Ray Ramono, Eddie Murphy--I know there are others, just can't think of them now.

Tim Burton seems to be both brilliant and strange, but I think it's wonderful that he found Helen Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp to interpret his fantasies. What fun they must have.

Interesting question you've posed this morning, Mr. Toad. And I've dilly-dallied long enough....

Toad said...

I rewatched Sleepy Holow last night. It's so damn dark. I agree with you Gail, and FS, Burton is one odd duck.

The Nightmare before Christmas is on soon too.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Just watched Lawrence of Arabia this week...what a masterpiece.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

When asked to name a favorite movie my mind goes blank - is that being over 50 or just plain dull? Must say I always opt for those romantic types. Love Actually comes to mind, or The Holiday. Hopeless romantic I am. My husband would go see Alice with you, I'm not convinced I want to see it, at least in the theater. I'm a stick in the mud Mrs. Milne! Let us know how you liked it Toad ( :