Thursday, March 4, 2010

Women we Love

All my life and then some, Esquire Magazine has published an annual "Women We Love" issue. I haven't read it in 15 or 20 years, but was reminded of it when I saw it on display at the local newspaper stand.

In it are the usual, half sensual photo spreads for the movie starlets of the season, and clips and hints of only, what if. Normally pretty boring.

The last issue I read did have a column that has struck with me all these years, "women we are supposed to love but don't". Included in the list were the Victoria Secret girls. I couldn't have agreed more.

The second part of that story was naturally, the women we are not supposed to love, but do. I haven't a clue what any of the candidates then were, but I nominate the Eileen Fisher women.

Maybe it's because the appeal of 14 year old child/women posing as 20 somethings has just about finally lost its appeal for me. Do not misunderstand. I'm not a monk, but most fashion adverts leave me cold.

I probably should have asked, my bride, but didn't where Eileen ranks in the pantheon. I like the look. More importantly, I like the models.



James said...

Poor Spears, always seems to be forgetting her underthings. I would like to join you in your opinion of the Victoria Secret models and the Eileen Fisher women.

longwing said...

My wife wears a lot of Eileen Fisher so, yeah, I gotta agree. Spears is someone I feel like I shouldn't love but do though I love her much more when she's not singing.

LPC said...

Men are so adorable.

Bumby Scott said...

Gentlemen, I concur.You have said so well, there is nothing more that I can add

JMW said...

This makes me smile.

The Sporting Life said...

I dig chicks too.

Scott said...

I think some of the Brooks Brothers models (the female ones) are attractive. Who came up with the idea that attractive women had to look like strippers?