Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upgrade the neighborhood

Buddy David, of Midwestern Malaise has off and on publicly fretted about his need/want of new garage doors, but at the same time lamented the expense replacing the doors would be. His neighbors may be willing to chip in, if only he'd ask, but I suggest a third way, mayhaps a better way to solve his dilema.

Why live with nasty old garage doors when you can have this?

or perhaps

or my favorite

Or David's?

A creative type could probably fashion their own. Fairly easy to make and install, inexpensive, impressive and fitting for all neighborhoods.

Whatta think David?



David said...

I think my problem is solved, thank you Sir!

JMW said...

How fun would it be to have one of those and give the neighbors a good scare? ;)

OldSchool said...

Nowadays, dressing properly is the way to upgrade most neighborhoods, wouldn't you say?

Toad said...

Old School, did you ever live in one of those neighborhoods where one dad always came home Friday evening and cut the grass still wearing his suit.

Good clothes do not always the neighborhood make, but I get your point and agree, mostly.

OldSchool said...


Yes, I lived in one of those neighborhoods at a time when even in L.A. (of all places) that was the case.

Brian said...

If only the old civic association would let me get away with one of them.

Toad said...

Brian, I think they would make excellent murals. The dining room for instance, mayhaps your man cave.

tintarosa said...

Love that idea! I wondering how the neighborhood association would deal with it. They would probably come up with new rules specifically about garage doors.
We just received a note about the 4 pallets of grass we installed without approval. I'm kind of in a bitter mood and trying not to retaliate.

Toad said...

T, you rotten so and so. Planting grass? the line for bitter, revengers starts over here.>