Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ed Herrmann- Cool Guy

I've always had the sense while watching Ed Herrmann at work, that I was seeing the real deal. That he's not acting. The man on the stage, or film, or television is whomever he portrays.

I would love to learn, in real life, he's an incoherent, gibbering wildebeest. In fact I know better, he is a gentleman, scholar, family man and car nut.

I've met Ed several times at at events sponsored by a car club we each belong to. He can out Jay Leno when he gets rolling about "his"car. Jay's breadth of car knowledge is otherwise untouchable.

One of his better regular gigs is being the MC for the annual Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance, the supreme test of ultra rich car nuts in America.

Many of his roles over the years have had the same basic format. Eastern, patrician, well educated, establishment guy. He has been the "voice" for Chrysler for over a dozen years, a television staple for 30 years, and I understand that the History Channel is to be renamed the Herrmann Channel due to the frequency of his work there.

On those few occasions I have met him, one would get the impression he works in his own clothes. Always classic, in a Tradional manner, comfortable and never full of himself.

My nomination for cool guy.


Thanks to Will of A Suitable Wardrobe for the Pebble Beach photo.


skorpeo said...

i agree. i had the opportunity to meet him very briefly at a hotel where i worked some years ago. he deftly and graciously answered the question of an inquisitive guest who asked "has anyone ever told you that you look just like edward herrmann?"

i had to excuse myself to laugh hysterically in a nearby broom closet.

longwing said...

I've heard he has a semi-regular role on Gilmore Girls, which I've never seen. Been tempted to check it out but never quite enough.

jhutt said...

My boys and I had the pleasure of seeing him in his latest play in Boston (this past May). Two Men of Florence. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful....

He IS a wonderful actor - his stage presence is extraordinary.

Death Bredon said...

He made a great vampire too!

Carol Ann said...

The episodes he was on Gilmore Girls were some of the best 60 minutes on television...if anyone has not seen is a must
Must see tv...

DCLawyer said...

He was a superb FDR in Eleanor and Franklin.