Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nupts, an irregular series

As condensed and retold form the Sunday July 5, 2009 New York Times

First, I wouldn't have thought that the July 4th weekend would be a wedding biggie. Was I wrong.

Erika and Ted At heart, I am a sap for a good story, especially a good love story. Their story has elements of all the great movies you have ever seen, the fantasies you've conjured, and a beautiful ending.

Ted and Erika met 17 years ago in high school. He was a wrestler and cartoonist, Erika was the new kid, a transfer student focused on her love of equestrian show jumping. The girl was disciplined, and had little time for socializing. At a graduation party she told him she had a crush on him. he replied" I've had a crush on you since the moment I met you". After that they were an item.

August, she went to college in Colorado Springs, while he stayed home. By October the distance became too great. They broke up. He tried to keep it going, but to no avail. So he made a vow, " I will never date you again".

So Ted got on with his life, moved around the country for a while, writing long letters he never sent, but he still kept tabs on her. Friends would tell him Erika is going this, Erika is doing that, but he never contacted her.

In the mean time, Erika got on with her life too. She never found Mr. Right, but she never called Ted, remembering his vow.

In 1988 they were each living in NY but had minimal contact. Then in 2007 he emailed her, inviting her for a drink. Ted was in a 3 year relationship, but couldn't pull the trigger, stymied by his memories of Erika.

Erika was late, but he didn't notice. They had a quick drink, hugged on the sidewalk, she walked around the corner and cried hysterically.

Another year goes by without contact, then out of the blue he invites her to a reunion for a mutual friend. By the end of the evening they were goners. Remember his girlfriend? Kicked to the curb.

Six months later they were engaged, six months after that they were married.

I think they'll make it.

Allegra and Richard: A common story of boy meets girl, boy marries girl, but with a twist. "The couple were married on their birthday" Odd?

Priscilla and Derick:The bride 34 is in her final year of a 4 year dual degree program at Columbia. Picking up a MS in Nursing, and Masters in Public Health.

Derick, 40, is the communications officer of the Texas State Library in Austin, Tex.

What, they couldn't wait a year? Any thoughts?

Last story

Jana and Robert: The couple met in 6th grade, where they attended classes together. When they shared a gym class in 11th grade, she developed a crush on the shy unsuspecting lad. He accepted her invitation to the Junior Prom, and they have been together ever since.

On Jana's 21 birthday the suave, devil Robert proposed in Nordstom in Seattle of all places. He didn't have any money or a ring, so he gave her a pair of Chanel sunglasses. Later, after taking work he presented Jana with one of his great-grandmother's rings, which he had reset.

Says the bride, "It actually has more diamonds than his great-grandmother had. I designed it and made it more modern, so now it's my own."

Secretly, I have my doubts about these two, but I wish them the best.

And to all the happy couples I offer this one wish. May you each be as happy as Mrs. T and I all the days of your lives.



Mrs. Blandings said...

Allegra has made a tragic mistake. For a while her groom will shower her with gifts on birthday/anniversary, but I fear things will taper off rather soon. At least their birthday wasn't Christmas.

Toad said...

I hadn't considered that aspect, but I suspect you are correct.