Friday, July 3, 2009

Mrs. Slocum

First Wendy, now Mrs. Slocum.

British actor Mollie Sugden, best known in America as Mrs. Slocum on "Are You Being Served", died Wednesday after a long illness. She was 86.

She and her "pussy" will be long remembered by her many fans.


laurelstreet said...

The singular queen of the double entendre. I miss her already.

ADG said...

Loved her. Saw her in London on stage years ago.

EsseQuamVideri said...

I always loved her. I thought it was great that her character was such a sticker for the "ruffle hierarchy" between Wendy and herself. Wendy was junior, so she couldn't wear ruffles (or as many, as it were).

Legallyblondemel said...

Consider me impressed that you're a fan of the supremely wonderful "Are You Being Served?" But of course you are.

I have fond memories of sitting around the TV with my dear, late grandmother, watching Mrs. Slocum work her, erm, magic. "And I am unanimous in that!"

Toad said...

I grew up with a steady diet of wacky Brit humour. My father was addicted to most of the films that came out of Ealing Studios. I've been hooked since emerging from the womb.