Monday, July 6, 2009

The years have been good to.....

Bjorn Borg

I'm not a particularly interested tennis fan, but even I could recognize that Bjorn was a gifted player. I never thought he was particlarly good looking and the wispy beard needed to go, and while I could see his abilities, the whole big hair era left me cold.

I much prefered rooting for local boy Jimmy Conners and his Playboy centerfold wife. However, since some of you enjoy gratuitous photos of man/boys in tight shorts I thought I would begin our story there.

I happened to be watching a bit of Wimbledon, Friday morning, and the camera briefly panned on Mr. Borg. I was awed. The things that money, a haircut, good tailor, the sweet Swedish air, and a little sunshine can to for a boy.

My wish for you is that we should all age so gracefully.

While he may be startling good looking, I am not yet willing to line his pockets by trying out his brand of intimate apparel.



longwing said...

I always liked him. Haven't heard much about him since he ran into some financial difficulties - and that was many, many years ago. He does look good. Damn, Swedes.

preppyplayer said...

I agree with you, much better with age!
And the undies? Pass.

Kathleen said...

He's gorgeous.

tintin said...

Good looking and well dressed to boot. He had a beautiful club collar on yesterday. Very subtle and elegant. Sampras looked like a high school kid in his sun glasses.

Renovation Therapy said...

Hot. Enough said.