Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To find a summer hat

It won't be long until Straw Hat Day and mine has become a mite shabby.  I mentioned this over breakfast and Mrs. T gamely inquired what I intended to do about it.  Last time I was in need we took an excursion to the seediest neighborhood in Mayberry, a feat Mrs. T promised never to duplicate.  No, I reported, I believe I have located a purveyor in New Orleans.  It's the week before Easter, they should be well stocked.

Remarkably, she took the bait.  What's your real motive?

That the Mayberry boy Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival is this weekend, and his birthday is Tuesday didn't fly, nor did the news of the anniversary of Ken Toole's death, also on Tuesday, get a response.  Not having grown up on this planet, Mrs. T had never heard of, nor read Confederacy of Dunces.  We could fill up on Lucky Dogs was also a no go, as was it was likely to be 40 degrees warmer in the Crescent City than in Mayberry.

The last card in my deck was trumps.  I've two airline tickets and a room booked for four nights within walking distance of beignets and Galatoire's. Finally, a smile. We leave at dawn Thursday.

Could be the world's most expensive hat.



Anonymous said...

Make that TWO smiles!!

Oh happy day!

You kids have yourselves a big time!


Anonymous said...

That's fabulous! I hope you both have a wonderful trip. Enjoy. - KT

Patsy said...

Enjoy your hat-getting trip!

Karen said...

You must be very romantic. I'm sharing this with my Mr. B!

Jacob Fredrickson said...

I so enjoyed this, thanks for the smile and happy travels!