Monday, March 25, 2013

Grammy's Birthday

Until recently, Granddaughter Liz had two grandparents who shared today as their birthday.  Not long ago her maternal grandmother died.  Grammy was the rock of the family foundation.  A southern woman through and through, you never had any doubt about where she stood on an issue or what was going through her mind.  She told you straight up.  She told you she loved you always and often, she let you know when you were a horse's ass, she let you know that her expectations of you were higher than you had of your self, she told you how proud of you she always was. With love like hers you were loath to disappoint. She was a generous soul and a force of nature.

Today is the first time, in her family's memory, that March 25 has rolled around without her laugh, smile and guidance.  I miss her plenty, and will always remember that today is HER birthday.


BTW it is also The Suburban Princess's birthday.  She'd love for you to stop by and help her blow out (away) the candles.  


Sandra Carson said...

Happy B'day to Grammy..:)

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Lynford Rozario said...

Happy B'day..:)
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Suburban Princess said...

My gran had the same birthday too - that first one without her was a bit hard to get through.

Thank you for the birthday nod...happy birthday to you too Unca Toad xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Sir, to you Sub Prin, and to both of your spectacular Grammies. Not everyone gets a grandmother in a lifetime, both of mine had already died as I was growing up so I will draft off these wonderful remarks and imagine such love.


Anonymous said...

Wishing YOU a Happy Birthday. Safe travels home from New orleans. - KT

Toad said...

Many thank yous for the HBD greetings. If today is YOUR BD Happy Birthday to you.

Old Polo said...

Whoa, Toad, and another trip around the sun! Congratulations on a successful trip, around the sun and NOLA, which is assuming that you are now safely enscounced in a cabin overblown with snow in the heartland of the country.