Saturday, March 23, 2013

NOLA or Snow?

We're between can and can't.  New Orleans is warm, in-bloom and inviting.  We've been well fed, sauced, and treated like royalty.  The cares of the real world are for others not for us this weekend.

Our reservations to leave the glorious 80 (26 C) degree weather of southern Louisiana are on Sunday afternoon.  If the forecast holds, our flight home will arrive the same time as a snowstorm dropping 5+ inches of white stuff .  We may have to stay another day.  My Heavens!



Anonymous said...

But did you get a hat?

Careful, watch that temptation to step through the door of, say, a Coldwell Banker or Prudential Realty, you're vulnerable, you just may snap and before you know it you've got title to a sweet little carriage house in high and dry Garden District.


Toad said...

As the song says going where the weather suits my clothes. Sadly, no hat, the quality was not what I was hoping for. Maybe if instead of a snowstorm tomorrow we went to...

Anonymous said...

I was going to tell you the key was under the mat last night, but storms got heavy and our power went out for 5 hours, so I never got back to you. More storms due today. Looks like your house and our house are the worst US weather victims at the moment, stay in NOLA, that hat has to be somewhere in that town.


old polo said...

so sorry about the hat. wish we had your snow. best of luck with the weather.