Monday, March 25, 2013


Out of all the traditional Jewish documents, it’s the one that’s most living. There’s an Armed Forces Haggadah and an Alcoholics Anonymous Haggadah and an LGBT Haggadah. Some people make a new Haggadah every year. It’s a real living document. … They’re just constantly made throughout time. On the decision to translate it? It was really clear when I went back and looked at texts. I’;ve always used the Hebrew side of the Maxwell House [Haggadah], which is a really great liturgy. The point is, I had never really looked at the English. And what committed me to it [was that] you should literally read the Haggadah and weep. It is so beautiful. It is just such a moving document to me.
Writer Nathan Englander tells Terry Gross why he wanted to translate the New American Haggadah. (The Haggadah is the traditional story of Passover)

Have a Blessed and Happy Passover


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