Friday, March 15, 2013

Beware the Ides or odds and ends

Free spirit that I am, I believe that an inventor or talented marketeer should, within reason, be allowed
to name their best products or ideas anything they want, and let the buyer beware.  Free enterprise at its best.

Perhaps I'm showing my age but I was temporarily struck dumb by a flyer we received in yesterday's post.  The local tan spa was advertising "Red Light Therapy".    Once upon a time gentlemen didn't discuss their red light therapy in mixed company, and ladies pretended to know nothing about such doings.

I've a technicolor image of a dad, putting his coat on after dinner.  His loving bride asking where he was off to, and he replies "I'm off for a bit of "red light" therapy.  Likely as not his stuff would be on the lawn when he returned.

Without thinking too hard someone could have come up with a better name for whatever it is the electric beach is trying to sell.  Just sayin'.

I had cause to wander a brick and mortar emporium of one of the oldest catalog companies in the US earlier in the week.  By chance I found myself in what passes as a cosmetic counter, most of which appeared to be left offer Christmas offerings from 1971.  Did you know English Leather is still for sale?  I did not. Should you need a bottle of Dakar Noir I know where to send you.  Charlie and most of the god awful tween girl stuff from the mid '60's, still at Sears.

Should your personal proclivities prefer something putrid, rancid, undead, you could do worse than Zombie by Dementer, for him or for her.

"While you would imagine that the scent would be culled from the remnants of a mortuary, blended with a heady mix of litter box, the gym shoes of 1000 people with athlete’s foot and week-old garbage from the organic bin, the actual product is a little gentler.
Disappointing for some, perhaps, but the Demeter chemists have focused on the literal aspects of human decomposition, combining the smell of earth, moss, dried leaves, mildew and a few mushrooms just to provide a little extra kick of fungus.
For all the lumbering ladies, your version of Zombie includes a touch of "Dregs from the bottom of the wine barrel" because dregs are delicious and, apparently, feminine."

Not at Sears though.

Land Rover Defenders have a cult following of motorists attracted by tough looking trucks, with a false go anywhere reputation.  The girl variant can be seen driving Range Rovers in up scale neighborhoods through the world.  Heaven knows when you'll need to transverse mountain streams to get to the mall.

The biggest problems with Land Rovers is their English heritage. They are expensive to own and usually don't run.  Defenders are basic, barely a step up from tractors, and like most Brit cars are as unreliable as your ex.  Maybe the new Indian owners can fix that.

In a classic we can do that too move, Land Rover, at the Geneva Auto Show, introduced an Electric Defender, for those pollution free romps across the Serengeti.  Old Polo can you imagine a why?

And finally:

By now you have seen the notice that Google Reader is going away in July.  The news breaks my heart.  To soften the blow I offer this link from PC World on Reader alternatives.  I haven't yet come to grips with this Readers demise, and I offer no suggestions or alternatives, but we gotta start somewhere.  If you have a suggestion let us know.



Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Toad, I am also upset about the demise of Google Reader. I have made a reservation at my Apple store next week to find out what to do. I am NOT going to wait until the last minute.

Hope my Range Rover starts...

Karen said...

Hi Toad,
I'm new to your site, but both Mr. B and I love it.
Re: Google Reader, for $.99 you can buy Newsify and I've been using it on my iPad (it's NOT an Apple exclusive) and it works pretty well. Here's the link to a techy person's opinion on a few others, including Newsify.
Have a great weekend,

Toad said...

Thank you Karen, and welcome.

Old Polo said...

elecric Land Rovers,eh? I just hope that they are not affiliated with Lucus, otherwise who would know what could get charged. Most new Land Rover owners have no clue what the old Series lla is or that he is the great grandfather of their rides. Don't think there are many charging stations in the Serengeti.

Love the post Toad.

Anonymous said...

Noble Lord,

Is it true that the primary difference between Royals and Conquerers and Emperors is that Royals offer education and upliftment the others only servitude.

Where the guidance of such and such exist why are only the courts - non tennis - not following the order of non persecutive fair line upliftment.


Anonymous said...

-old faithful