Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Technicolor Dream Coat

I have had a bit of sport over the years commenting on the longevity of some the Prince of Wales' clothing.  I honor the fact that he recognizes that the "older some things are the more comfortable and familiar they become". Sometimes familiar is taken to extremes. 

My favorite of his vintage clothing pieces may be the Barbour jacket he wore on Countryfile last weekend.  Used while the Prince builds hedges, the coat has been repeatedly patched and repaired with leather strips and odd pieces of fabric. When next it rips another piece will be sewn on.  

It's a wonder Barbour doesn't make their own version.



Anonymous said...

"It's a wonder..."

Shhh, from your mouth to...

Meant for each other:



Anonymous said...

I too have recently let go of a past that prevents me being a happily married man.

Do not quite make the gentleman status on the absense of grounds, insufficient royalties and lack of title basese.

HISTORICAL NOTE : Chinese Traditional Clothiers.

The Chan Buddhist Lay Men built the silk of the worthy worms into their jakets to lift _

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