Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jean Butler

As we approach the weekend, it's good to remember that you may all be Irish if only for a few days.  My mother was a Hennessy, from county Cork.  In our household St. Patrick's Day was not a day of frivolity,  it fell in the middle of Lent, and unless St. Paddy's fell on a Sunday, Lenten obligations were to be met.  And so it was.

                                     NYTimes photo

Mother missed not having daughters.  Had I sisters, their life would have been a waking hell of Irish step dancing.  Arms down, face front...then as if by magic Jean Butler appeared.  Mother adopted Jean as her own the first time she saw Riverdance.

For those who don't remember, Jean is the American, red headed girl who captivated the world, wearing a short dress and loud shoes dancing the female lead in Riverdance.

Today is Ms. Butler's birthday. She is still dancing, still breaking hearts and enchanting the world with her grace and her smile.  The greatest Irish ambassador ever.

Happy Birthday Jean.



Johnny said...

When I clicked on the title, I thought this was going to be about some new robot butler or something that tends to your jeans.

Anonymous said...

This post brought a smile and a tear. I miss her. - KT

Old Polo said...

great post Toad.

Anonymous said...

I hope you Mother had/has the opportunity to meet and know the radiant former-Paige-now-Liz. We are looking for Liz to woo the world on stage in the same way Ms. Butler did with Riverdance.