Monday, March 11, 2013

japanese earthquake

Two years ago today we were transfixed by television images showing the effects of a magnitude 9 earthquake off the coast of Japan. The quake, lasting 6 minutes, set off a tsunami in northeastern Japan which traveled west over 10 km inland in some areas, and east across the entire Pacific, killing 1 American in northern California.

15,000 Japanese died and a million buildings were destroyed, along with roads, bridges and utility infrastructure, in what is likely the worst natural disaster to date in world history.

Two years later the Vancouver Sun regularly reports on tsunami debris washing up on the coast of British Columbia

Feels like yesterday.


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Anonymous said...

T'(he) Sun Am I.

The Japanese are still paying the price of my silence.

Whilst waiting hence in the US military hydrographics office I answered the phone for my father Layfette Ronald Hubbard

"You, your family and everyone you know are dead"

After holding down 7 to verify legitimacy of threat and turning up blank it was decided that The Art of War will be adhered to when dealing with the asea-attics and Japanese Karate Terror shall not be used to generate hair or locks to the detriment of the English speaking nations.

There you go - a life time later you have a military secret and the prompter for my research into HeraIncognita - The desire in happily married men for a trophy young female friend.

*Qintin Hubbard writing as squire bradley.