Saturday, March 9, 2013

Odds and Ends

1.  In what must feel like a cosmic joke to those battered by winter storms this week, Daylight Savings Time, once the official stamp of spring, begins tomorrow morning at 2 AM in the US and Canada.  Those in the UK  and Ireland must wait until the end of the month.  If you are unsure when or if your country is playing follow the link. 

2.  Are you blessed with color blindness?  1 in 10 men supposedly are.  I'm certain that I do not, although I do recognize that Mrs. T and I see colors differently.  She's usually wrong, and I rarely say that.

I used to believe red/green color blindness was a joke, until jammed into a car on a spring break road trip to Florida. While I was riding shotgun, at night, in the middle of Alabama, the driver would ask the color of every flashing street light in every small town we encountered.  He couldn't discern the color. I now believe.

If you are so gifted there may finally be an answer to the what color is my shirt question. The smart folks at 2AI Labs in Boston have developed a pair of glasses which may remedy certain red/green problems.  More here.   

3. I felt that this was a solution looking for a problem but my bride confirms that Inglot, a Polish company is doing the Lord's work.  The company's creator,  Wojciech Inglot (RIP) has created a "breathable" nail polish. Standard nail polishes inhibit moisture and oxygen from reaching the nail. Inglot's does not.  Wojciech imagined that he was creating a healthy product choice for women concerned for the natural health and beauty of their nails.  The marketplace however spoke loudly and clearly that health could take a back seat to by-passing religious exemptions.

Arab women, with exceptions, are required to ritually wash their hands and arms before each of  the 5 prayer times every day.  It was understood that standard nail polish blocked water from reaching the nails, so polish needed to be removed before washing before prayer.  Applying polish in the evening only to remove it early in the morning is generally a non-starter, so most women did without.  Inglot's polish has been shown in tests to be permeable to water, although they refuse to be dragged into the politics of religious debate.   They do stand by the health benefit of allowing oxygen to reach the nail.  It ain't cheap, but...


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