Friday, September 7, 2012


The women of KKG have declared white shoe season over for the year, so free thinkers that we are we have dutifully buried our summer whites in the back of the closet until next summer. It is still too hot to drag out fall wear, but something new is necessary order to bridge the changing of the seasons.

I recommend the Utilikilt from Think Geek.

The model shown is made from
natural poly-cotton and features large pockets with big, riveted manly snaps to prevent your losing stuff. Perfect for wanna be Scots, or those gentlemen who want to look cool while being cool.

Think Geek offers the following very sound advice to those of you shopping for your first Utilikilt.

"Now, PAY ATTENTION! Those pants you're wearing - odds are the waist size is a lie! If you're used to wearing size 34 jeans, it's likely you'll need a size 36 Utilikilt. Oi! You! I said PAY ATTENTION! Get out a tape measure and measure your waist with yer sissy-boy pants ON! See that number? That's the size you need. I don't want to be hearin' any of you crying to yer mum, "Oh, I bought the wrong size!" Man-up, ye precious thing and get it right the first time!

Product Features
Made from durable yet soft poly-cotton blend.
Equipped with stainless steel snaps.
Designed to be worn low on your hips.
Intended for guys 5'8" to 6'2" -- 23 inches long.

On sale at 25 % off- only USD $150.

When your Utilkilt arrives, please send photos.



Lou said...

I think Hubby will look very fetching in that lovely skirt.... sorry uniswish...

Not a hope in hells....

Main Line Sportsman said...

I admit to having khaki...only wear it once in a great while...but it is a tremendous garment.

Anonymous said...

"Shut up and take my money!" - Fry


NCJack said...

This idea seems to surface about every ten years or so...and goes the same place

T said...

I won one in a raffle-One of the Workman's in dark brown. I tried it on once, wore it around the house a bit, and it has been gathering dust in my closet ever since. My forebears were Scots, but I just can't bring myself to wear the thing without feeling like a complete dingus.

Maybe if they made one in the Dundas tartan.

Toad said...

T, as a Scottish land owner I agree 100 percent. One would have to feel the dingus sporting one of these.

Tobus said...

I have a Utilikilt Workman's model, and use it for hiking, working outdoors, etc. It is a very practical and functional garment. It is obviously not the same calibre as my traditional wool Scottish kilts, but it certainly has its place. Personally, I think it's best suited for 'manly' endeavours, and would look a bit silly being worn in an urban environment, but that's just me. If I were kilting up for a day in the city, I'd wear a traditional kilt (which is a perfectly viable option for all men, not just those of Scots descent), and save the Utilikilt for more rugged use.

Most objections to wearing the kilt come from men who may be a tad insecure. Find your inner strength, declare damnation to bifurcated garments, and wear the kilt!

Knotty said...

Whats not to like about Utilikilts. The ladies love a man in a kilt!

Anonymous said...

I don't happen to have a Utilikilt, but I make kilts, including a "contemporary" kilt, called an X-Kilt. I even wrote a manual on how to make them.

If certain ladies don't happen to like them, that's their prerogative. If certain men don't happen to like them, that's their prerogative.

I happen to like mine, and I wear them. That's my prerogative.

I backpack in them....did about 35 miles with 50 pounds on my back in the Sierra Nevada this year, with a camouflage kilt around my arse. I wear them to work (IT support). I wear them sometimes, when I practice the Heavy Athletics events for the Scottish Highland know, "throwing that log-thing".

You don't like 'em? That's fine.

But I do.

Alan H