Thursday, September 27, 2012


I hope it's not just a boy thing, but having grown up in an era where sending humans into space was a really big deal I'm still hooked on what's beyond.  I don't know a thing, and even after extensive cocktailing with really smart space folk I have less than a dilletants understanding of my own back yard.  Forget about the dark side of the moon.

That is why I frequently check in with the folks at NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day, APOD to you, if you please.  Most of their photo's are rather prosaic like the snap above of astronaut Aki Hoshide outside the International space Station.  Then there are the take you breath away photos taken by Hubble which look deep into the origins of the solar system.

Take a look periodically.  More importantly, if you have children or grandchildren show them, understanding that their world is greater than their own neighborhood  may stimulate an interest in expanding their education. As Douglas Adams said " in an infinite universe, not only are all things possible, they are likely."


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