Monday, September 17, 2012

Thrifters rejoice

Global warming be damned, how to decide? A camelhair for day or navy for night. Our family motto is "why chose?".

I was fortunate to find the camelhair on Etsy, the navy cashmere on EBAY. $100 delivered for both. Many thanks to all for your great suggestions.

They should both arrive by Friday. I'll report on them after they arrive.



Lou said...

Thank Gawd for ebay.... buying and selling for us (in the middle of no where) is just bliss.

Love-erly coats G'uffnor.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You are SUCH a bad/good influence!

The thermometer in these parts reads close to 90, but I went ahead and ordered a camel hair etsy gem. Arrived today, simply outstanding. I hope you're as pleased when yours arrives.


ADG said...

I think you should have your tailor split 'em in half and rejoin 'em as a bi-colored panel combo.

Damn. That sounds like something I'd order at the drive through. bam.