Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A twist on Formal Wear

From M Magazine July 1985

I was thumbing through a stack of old magazines and came across this photo in M Magazine's July 1985 edition, the height of the magazine's popularity.

After a cursory glance you're likely to say something about what a good looking guy that is.  Look a little closer and perhaps you're thinking, men's formal wear hasn't changed at all in the past 27 years.  Look  closer still and you'll say WTW?  What was Perry thinking, or more importantly what did Perry think he was thinking?

Usually the eye scans for the detail, this jacket has NO DETAIL. Single button, no lapel, no breast pocket. I asked a buddy of ours who worked for Perry in those days if this was pure editorial or if they thought they would get away with it.  Apparently, they sold enough to call it a success.  Easy to tailor though.



Nico said...

Toad, thanks for posting this photo. What an interesting way to play with formalwear design without changing the silhouette, a method rarely seen nowadays.

jadeblue said...

ohh yeah, What a interesting way to play with Formal Wear Designing.

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