Thursday, September 13, 2012

The price of ego

Of my many faults, perhaps the most costly is my incurable ability to find false economy in every home project. I'll give you an example.

Last week we had the first quarter mile of our driveway professionally sealed. Believing the price should be a number that I had fantasized, based upon similar work undertaken 30 years ago, I was appalled when the bill rolled in. Being male and having time on my hands, my second response was that I could have done it myself for a heck of a lot less.

And so it was.

Having another 1000 feet or so still to do, I set out to prove that I could do the job better, faster and cheaper than the hired hands. So I set off for Lowes Depot to take in supplies. I estimated based upon the manufacturer's suggestion that I would need 4 buckets of goo and a new squeegee to do the job.

50 feet into the job I was down 2 buckets and learned the pro's price is pretty fair. The problem now is I have created a mess and still need to finish the job . The price is always high when ego is on the line.



Pink Benny said...

The sign of a good man is being able to admit mistakes. You, sir, are a GOOD man. the contractor and go pour yourself another cup of coffee!

Anonymous said...

Good gosh, you sure do live in one heckuva beautiful place, sir.

I hope you didn't fire up that back/shoulder/arm/hip/neck/knee working out there.


Toad said...

Thank you Flo, but for now I am still safe and moderately health. I did find goo on sale though. O happy days.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Reminds me of the time my brother and I resealed and patched my parents driveway moving goo around on a hot day in throwaway sneakers - anything for mother. Good luck. Looks like beautiful weather.

Anonymous said...


Reason I asked, many times the "price of ego" [false economy] includes non-covered sessions at the acupuncturist, extreme laundry, sulking in search of an in-house listener, requests that other do your errands due to your sore ____, inability to make your own breakfast/lunch/snack, inability to answer your own phone[-s],sulking sulking sulking.

For your bravery out in the driveway, please accept a polyvore set dedicated especially to you, sir. You're not the only one playing paperdolls online. Here's to you Toad, stay well.


OldPolo said...

Oh My! Seems, my friend, that we should repair to the study with cognac, or a fine single malt, nice cigars, and assess your next move, understanding that those whom make a living at this sort of endeavor have done the math. Oh My. As an aside, I think it not wise to assult the body of a vintage soul when younger, more vigorous specimans stand ready.