Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Any Baker Street Irregulars?

There are any number of books based upon the Conan Doyle stories but I've become hooked this summer on Laurie R. King's Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Ms. King decided that upon his retirement to Dorset, Sherlock befriended a promising young American girl who as she matured became Holmes' intellectual equal. Over time the fell in love and married, taking on cases only as necessary.

Holmes and his brother Mycroft are portrayed more humanly than Doyle ever let on, and although purists may choke on the suggestion that Sherlock wed, Russell is a more perfect foil than Watson.

I'm 4 down with the next 2 on order from my local bibliotech. I give them a B+.



Suburban Princess said...

*waving from up north* I hope you are having a lovely day! I have a book title for you...I just can't remember it. I will message you as soon as I do!

James said...

My dear friend on this I'm afraid we differ. Holmes' celibate status is part of his character and I refuse to believe he would abandon his only love, Irene Adler, for some upstart American girl.

Toad said...

Irene and Sherlock's love child shows up if that helps.

Femme Curieuse said...

Mr. Toad, I very much enjoy TTMB and look forward to your posts. I mostly "lurk" and rarely comment, but have emerged from the shadows to thank you for sharing these books! One of my most prized possessions as a child was the complete collection of the Sherlock stories, accompanied by the original Strand illustrations. I still poke through it on occasion. After reading your recommendation, I downloaded the first Mary Russel book and wasn't disappointed - these are fun, imaginative reads.