Saturday, January 14, 2012

Roald Dahl Stamps

To honor the Roald Dahl fans and stamp collectors amongst us, the British Post office has just released a set of Roald Dahl postage stamps illustrated with Quentin Blake's illustrations of 6 of Dahl's best selling children stories.

According to the wonderful folks at the Roald Dahl Museum, with whom I've corresponded, the museum web store should soon have the stamps available for sale to those of us across the seas, without access to the BPO, or a ready supply of GB Pounds on hand (they'll take plastic).

Also it's that time of the year when we wish another Great Brit, Lou Archer of The Archers at the Larches our annual happy birthday greetings, although somehow she never ages. Happy Birthday Lou!!!!



GP said...

Proof that my sister and I have different fathers (or something else equally different between our DNA sources): I gave her kids a copy of "witches" and she refused to allow them to read it!

Karena said...

Oh my what a tribute!!

By the way Toad would you please introduce my to ( I hate to admit it) my major crush at Dowton Abbey? We could even have a double date!


Art by Karena

LPC said...

Now that is a fun concept.

Lou said...

Oh Toad, you say the nicest things..... and I am getting younger .... (new face cream for Chrimbo and a new vow to lie when asked...!)

Happy New Year to you and yours. x