Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dear Hallmark Channel- a rant

Dear Hallmark Channel:

I've a bone to pick with you. This past weekend you aired all twelve hours of the Jane Oke's inspired miseries (read mini-series) Love Comes Softly. For reasons unknownable to male people, this series ticked a lot of boxes for your female viewers and its coming was highly anticipated by members of my household, including me who looks forward to 12 hours of peace spread over the next few days.

So, how much harder would it have been to air the 6 movies in sequential order instead of mimicking the piston firing order of an old 6 cylinder Buick? My bride programmed her TIVO to record the movies (no, she hadn't read the books) and as she had time, got comfortable expecting to watch them one after another. Ten minutes into the second movie she asked me, "who are these people, and how did they get there?" Loving husband that I am, I Googled the series, provided my bride the titles, in the order they should be seen and defended myself, mostly unsuccessfully, against Hallmark's programming wizards. Why should I have to?



Anonymous said...

piston firing like an old buick...that's good. love it.

GP said...

One of my wife's oldest and best friends is purported to be the head of Hallmark programming... She used to be at the alternative for the XX chromosomed: Lifetime Movie Network (L.M.N., also is the initials of my better half or the XX'ed -- and so around 8 p.m., it is commonly referred to as the Madam Linda M's Network). So, I'll have my household-in-charge-XX call her BFF and inform her of what's what. Maybe the'll do better with the next series (if she isn't already fired or as they say in the bizznuss: "Been taken to breakfast."