Tuesday, January 31, 2012

plus one

At the cost of proving my technological Amishness, allow me state that Google+1 leaves me cold. Perhaps, I don't understand its utility, or maybe my willingness to share is low, but my concept of a social network involves physical people, conversing, sharing, not tethered to an electronic leash. Suddenly, and I blame +1, formerly warm, cuddly Google now feels like an early incarnation of Darth Vader.

I'll grant, it is new to most of us and I am willing to learn. To maintain my multi-universe citizenship papers I have signed up for a Google +1 account, then instantly threshed my crop circles, dammed my streams, locked down my Picassa photo albums, signed out of what services I could and pulled up the draw bridge.

I too often rely on your good graces to protect me from myself, and friends this may be one of those times. I'm not "worried" yet about whatever privacy issues may be spun from this demon, but until I understand its "why this is good for me", I'm not going to play +1. I do have an openable mind however, and if someone has a REALLY good reason to play, open up, I'm all ears. You may change my world.



Kathy said...

I signed up in an effort to keep up with the college boy. If I didn't have Facebook and Twitter, I'd never hear from/about him. Yet, the +1 hasn't really taken off. I can only go in so many directions at once, you know?

Bruce Barone said...

I have an account but I have not found a reason to use it.

I do use Twitter and Facebook.

Sheik of Araby said...

After you read Google's new [un]privacy policy, you will be glad you locked down the castle.

Toad said...

Sheik, reading the notice is what drove me to explore other options.

Amy said...

I'm somewhat active on G+, and I've been able to interact with some very interesting and thought-provoking people on there. At least for me, there seems to be far fewer cute-kitty and kitschy picture sharing than on Facebook, and there's more room to expand one's thoughts than the 140 characters on Twitter. I always learn something and leave pondering something when I've been on G+

I still have a Facebook account but have not added anything or anyone since September, when they changed their privacy policy. My personal jury is still out on Google -- I will need to see how they use my information. I have ads blocked on my computer, so they won't be able to "personalize" adverts to me; at any rate, we shall see.

Toad said...

Amy, we look forward to your follow up