Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Odds and Ends

Garden Question

Unless you grow winter wheat, the warm winter in North America has been wonderful. We haven't had a hard freeze yet and I still have roses in bloom. As my ex told me, "I'll get mine."

Walking around the garden yesterday afternoon I noticed that too many plants and bushes were beginning to bud. Forsythia is always too early around here, but Iris, hydrangeas, azaleas were beginning to sprout. Surely the weather will change eventually and not for the better. Shall I let nature take its course and plan for a late or stunted spring bloom as these buds die, or do I need to protect these plants somehow? If so how?

shawl collared cardigans
I have the unfortunate habit of wanting some article of clothing I saw last year, this year. Know the feeling?

I'm on the lookout for shawl collared cardigans. Last year they were as a common as leaves in fall. This year they are either made of gold, as is this number from Ben Silver , or

somewhere, somehow just not quite right, like this from wool US Army replica with the too small shawl from What Price Glory.

The more I look though, the more I like this cotton sweater from Orvis, but not enough to buy.

Available in 4 colors, each one slightly wrong.

My favorite thus far is from J Crew. Perhaps a bit too much like a Lands End Canvas I already have but I've waited too long and now it's gone.

Any recommendations?

Screaming yellow linen pants

I know it's early in the year, and it's not really my place to say, but I gifted these Ralph Purple Label screaming yellow size 42 linen flat fronts to my buddy Giuseppe of An Affordable Wardrobe for his store. Look for them in a few weeks, or if interested get in touch with G.

Keep in mind they are Purple Label thus trim and short rised.

And finally

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Ferry

Best wishes to the happy couple, who were married January 4. My sole regret is that no one told me the rules had changed. Once upon a time it was accepted, and taught at boy school as fact, that the ideal age difference between a man and his mate was that she should be half his age plus 7 years. The 66 yo Bryan has 37 years on his bride. He's got shoes older than her.



Scott Alexander said...

Target. Yes, Target. I picked up two shawl-collar cardigans from Target last month and the quality is on par with, if not better than, J. Crew or Lands' End. The Merona line is offering three such cardigans this season, all 100% cotton (but thick enough to provide some warmth), available in charcoal grey, grey heather, and navy blue (which features a pseudo-Aran/cable knit). At $32.99, they can't be beat. I've worn either of mine almost every day since I purchased them, without suffering any pilling or threads coming loose. In addition, as a not-so-skinny guy I've found the XXL to provide ample room.

YONKS said...

You could always try the black bin liners over the plants if they are small enough to fit inside. They serve a two fold purpose. Kepp the cold out and also keep sunlight out so the plants will go back into hibernation. Worked for me one year on a magnolia stellata!

As for the cardigan, you might be able to find your favourite choice on ebay rejected by a non stylish recipient as a Christmas gift?

Bryan Ferry, in his case age and wisdom are not bedfellows :-)

helen tilston said...

I love those screaming yellow pants.

Perhaps you might consider commissioning a knitter and designing you very own bespoke shawl cardigan and have them knit it in cashmere or in a Missoni yarn.


Anonymous said...

Check out the shawl cardigans at now on sale, too.

Anonymous in NY

Anonymous said...

A sweater, such a personal choice, it's just gotta be right in every nuance, least/most of all fit and feel.

Colors are severely limited + it's not nylon in it, but worst of all [to me], it's got to get taken to the dry cleaner, nevertheless is this any good?


JMW said...

I like the one from J. Crew. Those GTH pants are great, too. But, I do understand the need to clear through the wardrobe every now and then. By the way, LOVE the new banner head. Cheers to "Downtown Abbey."

Anonymous said...

By all means, spend more and get the camelhair sweater. You'll have it forever.

heavy tweed jacket said...

Toad, Funny that you mention shawl collar sweaters, I've also been thinking about them. I like the heavy navy one at the top of the page, here, at O'Connell's. Made in Scotland, a good sign.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I scored a nice Orvis Shawl Collar cardigan on Ebay for a ridiculously low price...trip to the dry cleaner and this 100% wool baby was like new....
I suggest you check it out...

Toad said...

Great suggestions all. I'm waiting on an EBAY score which is either going to get me killed, let me win big or somewhere in between.

In the mean time I'm window shopping on line waiting to pull the trigger.

Old Polo said...

Toad, I was just browsing Orvis and last year I bought the Lovat cardigan. I really like it, the only drawback for me at least is that it only comes in one color. That said however, the sweater has been really versatile. I have worn it alot the last year.

Anonymous said...

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