Monday, January 30, 2012

The End

They never (hardly) saw the '70's. Their last live concert-the rooftop concert- thrilling all on Saville Row until broken up by the police, occurred on this date 1969.

Yes it's London, in January, on Saville Row, in an era when clothing wasn't especially attractive, but notice how well everyone on the street is dressed.

Someday men's hats will return with a vengeance, just wait, you'll see.

For some of us it seems like yesterday.



Richard M said...

Very interesting. Not everyone was a hippie or slob then, to be sure. The street scene would look rather different today.

Karena said...

So many memories Toad!! As I believe I have mentioned before. My very first concert was when I was thirteen at the old A's Stadium here in Kansas City.

One of the families I babysat for got me the ticket and took me!

Art by Karena

Gail, in northern California said...

The entire story much too long. Snippets: My mother did not approve of my relationship. She was right to disapprove. I was 15; he was 20. He joined the Air Force and went away. One night a mutual friend who coincidentally brought us together the first time threw a graduation party for his daughter and in HE walked. The song that was playing..."get back, get back to where you once belonged..."

Last November we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. Thanks for the memories, Toad.

Toad said...

Karena: if memory serves a day or two either side of the KC concert they played in STL. Ticket prices were $7.50 on a Sunday night at Busch Stadium (was it Memorial Day?).

I saved my grass cutting money, bought a ticket, the night was rainy and I didn't go.

Gail, happy anniversary, I hope to match you some day, even though I'll be 120.

Toad said...

The young man directing the shoot, the guy running around with the cigar in the videos is Michael Lindsay-Hogg. His mother would never own up to it, and his father probably didn't know, but he believes he is the son of Orson Welles. Michael is another of those "knows everyone, dear" kinds of people.

His book, Luck and circumstance : a coming of age in Hollywood, New York, and points beyond / is a pretty good read.