Friday, January 27, 2012

Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards vol. 5

Kahlil Gibran
(1st draft)
A young woman stepped forward from the throng and asked, "0' great prophet, tell us how we might find love that is unconditional, unwavering and unending." The prophet did not answer right away. He looked off into the distance, gathering his thoughts. Silence descended upon the crowd. Then he turned his gaze upon the young woman and said, "Get a dog."

It's been a while since we last checked up on Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards. Chuck is the creator/producer of such television hits as Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. At the end of each show hidden amongst the credits are his Vanity Cards, usually a paragraph or two rambling about what's on his mind. He has plenty to say.

Some of the cards may be lost on the young, but if you are of a certain age, you likely agree with many of his thoughts. We left off in high 290's last time. You may catch up here.



Karena said...

Chuck is such a talented man and during rehab I have watched a few episodes of the Big Band Theory. I have to say the droll humor really caught my interest!


Art by Karena

Patsy said...

Thank you, Toad, for that nice ramble off into funnyland!

David V said...

Card from last night's Big Bang. I had recorded it and stopped "tape" to read.