Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beatles Ties

I began wearing bow ties exclusively some ten years ago in response to a disagreement with Mrs. T over neck ties. We tend to disapprove of each others choices. For fear that she would continue buying ties which I would return the next day, I switched.

Last summer I wore a long ties twice and liked it. I liked it so much so that I've dug out some of my old favorites, just to see if I could still handle the knots. Like dad's in the '50's I've even begun wearing a tie around the house periodically, mostly to see the reaction. Today, I wore this one.

"What the hell is that?" I heard. "It's a Beatles tie", I replied, "dates from the early '90's when the Beatles needed money to pay their lawyers." The Beatles lawyers always made more money than the band did.

Sometimes we play a game called "perilous doubting". I'll say something true which sounds outlandish, to which Mrs. T will take exception. The dialog goes like this: The Beatles never sold ties, did so, did not.... and ends with I'll betcha, make it big, and huge sums of monopoly money are wagered, which when I win, I use to wager against Kansas University basketball games with my son.

The label was my proof this morning, an easier bet I've never won. My tie is Eleanor Rigby, copyright 1991.

There was a large collection once upon a time, each one uglier than the next. Still I like mine, but I've never seen another being worn.

As improbable as it may seem, Muhammad Ali turns 70 today. Wherever has the time gone?



Shelley said...

These remind me of the psychedelic ties my Dad wore. Otherwise conservative in his appearance, the ties gave away his rebellious side. I still have those ties...

Anonymous said...

Ties best left in the memory box.

Great song (of the Beatles' era):
Who Knows Where the Time Goes. Nina Simone does a killer cover.

GP said...

You need dome mid-1990s Jerry Garcia.

MO. Vs. KS.? Any action? I've got some old JG of The (Grateful) Dead to wager.

GP said...

You need dome mid-1990s Jerry Garcia.

MO. Vs. KS.? Any action? I've got some old JG of The (Grateful) Dead to wager.

Sarah said...

Oh, wow. My dad has a huge tie collection, and I used to buy him all sorts of crazy ties, including the Beatles ties.

They were indeed sold to pay their lawyers in the battle against Michael Jackson, who bought the rights to their music and wanted to sell it to be used in commercials, wasn't it?

Toad said...

Sarah there is a fabulous book, "you never give me your money" by Peter Doggett which details all the major lawsuits. Mostly they sued each other, over slights real and imagined.

GP you are on. both games double or nothing $1,000,000 monopoly, loser has to fess up and eat humble pie on his blog. ok?