Saturday, January 28, 2012

Armchair Traveling

the lower Chambeshi river by Phil Harwood

Fellow armchair adventurers may recall Scottish explorer David Livingstone in 1877 was the first European to explore the middle and lower Congo River. Leaving Zanzibar with 356 men, of whom 119 survived, Livingstone travelled for 999 days.

In 2008 British explorer Phil Harwood, with help from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, became what is believed to be the first man to travel, by canoe, the 2922 miles from the source of the Congo River to the Atlantic Ocean. His journey took 8 months through some of the most dangerous territory on earth, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

If you are in London today Phil is speaking at The Olympia at 1400, during the Adventure Travel Show.

Should you find yourself at home, his book, Canoeing The Congo is very good read. Available from Phil, or your favorite bookseller can order it for you. It's not a journey you'd likely consider making yourself. While you are waiting for your new book to a arrive, you can always reread Heart of Darkness.



Scott Alexander said...

Since reading the tales of Livingstone during my childhood, I've longed to travel about Africa. I'll certainly be picking up this book, as I have a feeling it's the closest I'll get to the real thing.

Ever read up on Kipling's time in South Africa?

Toad said...

No, but I'll give it a try. thanks

Anonymous said...

Are you a fan of historical travelogues? I am...this sounds fascinating.

Toad said...

Terri I love them, always have.