Sunday, July 24, 2011

separated at birth

This photo of Carly Simon appeared in the New York Social Diary . I don't believe the ban has yet been lifted, so it is still required that persons of a certain age love and adore Carly and all she does. You'd hope for a statute of limitations, but no.

Carly has been a fixture for eons, and dated so many of the pillars of rock, that many folk, pop, rock and easy listening musical types have morphed into Carly look a likes. Personally, I suspect they are all one person, just something done with mirrors but I'm open to other possibilities. Here are some optional Carly's.

Gratuitous Freddie photo. All big hair band guys qualify

have you forgotten Dyan Cannon?


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Summer is a Verb said...

Egads! Nevermind on the plastic surgery! XXOO