Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ladies Day at Glorious Goodwood

While I am ambivalent about horse racing, I do so enjoy watching rich people at play. This week, the English rich are to be found at Glorious Goodwood, self proclaimed as "The world's most beautiful race course." Held on the Goodwood Estate of the Duke of Richmond, the annual 5 day race meeting is an opportunity for the swells to share a glass campaign or 2, enjoy a bit of eye candy and rub shoulders with other swells.

Today at Glorious Goodwood is Ladies Day!

From their web site:

Glorious Goodwood

More than 100,000 people flock through the gates during the 5 day Festival to enjoy the chic, relaxed and incredibly stylish atmosphere. A quintessentially English event, where champagne and strawberries are in abundance and everyone is dressed in their chicest summer fashions, it has none of the formality of a great occasion but all the glamour. Glorious Goodwood attracts the very best from the international world of horseracing, as well as the crème de la crème of English Society.

Those in the US may think of it as Derby Day, without the proles.



Richmond Enclosure

At all race meetings in the Richmond Enclosure, gentlemen are required to wear jackets and ties, cravats or polo-neck sweaters. For the traditional, linen suits, waistcoats and the archetypal ‘Goodwood’ Panama hat can be worn, as popularised by King Edward VII in the early 20th Century.

Ladies should also dress smartly and are encouraged to wear hats at the Festival Meeting. Jeans and shorts are not permitted at any meeting, for men or women.

Other Enclosures

Informal dress is permitted in the Gordon and Lennox Enclosures. Bare chests and fancy dress are not allowed in any Enclosure and stiletto heels are not recommended, due to the Goodwood terrain and areas of decking.

Our host-Lord March
Goodwood is his Father's, The Duke of Richmond's Estate

Racing Pundit John McCririck

All photos of prior years Ladies Day events from Zimbio or the Glorious Goodwood websites.



ADG said...

John McCririck...seeing him would be wurf the price of admission!

James said...

I adore women in hats. Like you I am no huge fan of horse racing, but you have to love how the Brits do it.

JMW said...

Yes, very much like Derby, although we designate the proles to the infield. ;) Although, I'd have to argue that Keeneland Race Course could challenge Goodwood any day for most beautiful setting.

old polo said...

Hate horse racing, love polo. Race horses are immature, polo horses have age. If you think that the horse racing is great, you should see what Lord March does with the Goodwood Revival for vintage racing cars! Regardless the place is awesome and first rate.

Toad said...

I was a member of Lord March's Road Racing Club for a time. I quite agree, they do know how to throw a spread.