Friday, July 8, 2011

Odds and Ends

I generally make some attempt to hide my more egregious flaws from myself and the public eye but periodically a public airing is necessary, not to rid myself of guilt (that's the lowest of all excuses) but to take heed and learn from the generous consul and tips for betterment, such confessions elicit.

Today is such a day, when I share my sins in order I may learn, and perhaps save another troubled soul. May the bridges I burn light your way.

I. I am a bounder!!!!!!!!!!!

My trip to Boston was an errand of mercy. My bonus daughter moved in with us soon after her college graduation. She came home for a family wedding (shown holding Joe)and never looked back, and I'm tickled to death. My job (is this boy work?) was to reinforce her goodbyes to her boyfriend (Ben Sidran's point #1), gather her belongings, load her car and drive it home. Easy Schmeesy. Unspoken, was the #1 admonition to bring her dog Milo, home safe and sound (more later). Which wasn't so schmeesy.

I made tres clear, before leaving home, to Mrs. T that I wasn't coming straight home. In fact, publicly and in advance, I rattled the green eyed monster's cage by informing her I had separate dates with 2 attractive, accomplished, vivacious women, who just so happened to live 500 miles apart. For a week I was target of the monster's velvet sheathed jest, butt of her jokes. So what's so bad about that?

Due to the vagaries of travel, I stood both women up.

Ladies, once again, I'm sorry. I'll regret this for a very long time.

2. Why don't I get Angelina?

An newspaper article caught my eye. Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker are the two highest paid female actors in Hollywood. I have no truck with the either women or the sums involved. More power to them, but...

What flaw is in my character that causes Angelina Jolie to leave me cold? Not a scintilla of interest on my part.

3. What's wrong with this picture?

Any number of us have the individual pieces to copy this look, but don't, for which I'm glad.

Is this one of those" if you have to ask" you'll never get it, sort of things, or may we simply credit advanced age on my part? There is something in me that doesn't get shorts, sports coat and tie, when not in Bermuda.

4: And finally:

While in Boston I had the opportunity to meet local bon vivant and raconteur Yankee Whisky Papa creator of the blog Boxing the Compass. Over postprandial cigars he captured a true rarity of a photo.

In the past 15 years you may count on one hand, having digits in reserve, the number of times I have worn a long tie. May be another decade before I do it again.

Boxing the Compass photo

I liberated the snap below from Manifold Destiny. It's origin, I now know to be Kiel James Patrick, but I don't necessarily disagree with its sentiments, in moderation.
Kiel James Patrick poster
Have a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

The bow tie placard is for Kiel James Patrick's new line of ties......although he is probably a short, tie, blazer kind of a guy.

Sbuckley said...

I hope Boston treated you well!

If you are not home yet, safe travels! If you are home, I am sure you are feeling, there is no place like home!

From Boston

Main Line Sportsman said...

Toad, Is that dog curled at your feet while you are driving? Inherently negilgent behaviour....surprising from a man of your wisdom and experience.
I concurr on the blazer shorts assertion...just looks clownish sand trying too hard in those photos. It really only works with a Blue jacket in you correctly state.

Patsy said...

Oh, I sure hope that bow tie sentiment isn't true, my Dad wore one to my wedding.

I waved when you passed Boston - hope you saw me!

a n t o n n i a said...

I think the boy with all the garb is tres contrived and in a word, ick. Boston on the other hand is one of my favorite towns and is dear to me as I went to school there (along with a gazillion other people!). Kudos to you for breaking free and planning some side trips!
Au Reservoir! (reference to Mapp & Lucia)

LPC said...

Loved the photo. And the bonus wood paneling, perfect.

Suburban Princess said...

I hope you are home safe and sound!
Too bad you didnt get to meet your bloggy friends :O(

The outfit...perhaps might not be so offensive if he got a haircut and some proper shoes?

pigtown*design said...

SOOOO sorry you didn't make it to Baltimore! You'd have LOVED our little B&E adventure... and E&E and his charming family. See you next time 'round!

T said...

Good Lord, man. How much weight have you lost?

Scale Worm said...

When one is as far away from hallowed Hamilton as I am, one can but pretend... But not in as garish a statement as this.

You are looking good Sir!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

might be my fave post of yours. that was a fun read.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Fabulous photo T!