Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Road Again

I know, but this time it's for fun. Mrs. T and I are leaving our kennel in the hands of her capable daughter and heading to Topeka, Kansas to pick up granddaughter Paige. Paige has shown up on these pages before, usually under the guise of some mischief. This time she is coming to stay with us, alas for only a few weeks. The best part of being a grandparent is having grandkids to spoil me all summer.

Do you recall the trauma that was 11? Starting middle school in the fall? Now that she is 11, and entering middle school, some changes are necessary. Paige informed her family that the name Paige is sooooo juvenile. From now on she will only answer to Liz.

Or in our house, "Liz, the girl formerly known as Paige." We'll be back in time for the storming of the Bastile.



Gail, northern California said...

The happiest days of my childhood were spent with my grandmother. I can still picture her in her large straw gardening hat, picking beans or peas and later sitting in a lawn chair shelling them or snapping the ends off the beans. She also had peach trees and rows of luscious blackberries she used for cobbler pies. She loved pretty earrings and painted fingernails--hers a dainty light pink.

Oh what lovely memories you have brought back this morning, Toad. Enjoy your little Paige. These are days she will long remember. I'm 66.

James said...

I wish you bliss with little Liz.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

My niece is LIZ-formerly known as Elizabeth. She still loves this shortened version at 29, however I can not resist the occasional Lizzie or Lizard-which as her fav. aunt I can get away with-though others don't fair so well. You may mention some of the pitfall of LIZ"ARD" to LIZ and she may see the real elegance and chic that is PAIGE.

Patsy said...

I would love to spend a few weeks being doted on at my grandparent's house with 4 dogs and a pool - you could call me whatever you liked!


Toad said...

Gail, I never had grandmother's or their gardens but I do have deer. Does that count?

Suburban Princess said...

Have a wonderful time with Liz!
Tell her I said HI!

The Wounded Healer said...

Adorable photo.