Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another thing to be grateful for

Forget the Real Housewives of New Jersey jokes, Snoki, or whatever mental images of George Clooney you conjure while dreaming of Italy. Today we consider the harsh reality of life in modern Italy.

Time Magazine photo

From "The Guardian" we learn that Italian mobsters are "humiliated" because they are no longer allowed to wear designer clothing while in Palermo's Ucciardone prison, known to its inmates as "The Grand Hotel" No more Prada, Armani, Gucci, or Versace. No Nike, no Adidias.

OJ in Armani

Sayeth the Guardian "Prisoners' wives, who were refused permission to deliver designer clothes to the 19th-century jail after the introduction of the new rules, said they were furious.

"My husband will be left naked," said one.

"He only has designer clothes, and that's not because he's flashy but because they last much longer and are better quality. Why humiliate him? Why force us to buy clothes at street markets?"

If the fear of street market clothing doesn't make Sicily's youth straighten up and fly right I can't imagine what would.



JMW said...

Not having your designer suits is going to humiliate you, not the fact that you're in jail? :)

Suburban Princess said...

Oh but they celebrate going to jail! Surely we all saw Goodfellas :O) Remember in Sopranos - the ones in jail were having a great time!

MrT you are on my blog today - I finally pulled the trigger on the post I got your input on.