Sunday, July 31, 2011

A mistake you will only make once

Marketeers and Engineers view the world differently.

The Marketeer says give the consumer a familiar, comfortable design. So engineering comes up with:

The first design was so great, the next time up the Marketeer says to hell with Engineering, just use the same design and we'll change the packaging.

Dressing while on auto-pilot will never be the same again.



Karena said...

Oh Toad, it does work!!


Art by Karena

Bob said...

Ah Mr. Toad, if the Icy Hot roll on stick is, what I associate the brand with, namely pain relief, I understand this post completely. What a "darn" shock you experienced while doing your toilette regiment on auto pilot. I'd be cursing the geniuses too!

Toad said...

Bob, You've identified the use, but I must admit the mistake was not mine. However a bit more thought could save a painful morning. There are a number of products packaged like toothpaste that give one pause in the morning as well.

Linda said...

Okay- don't laugh - but I actually did that once - and I mean ONCE! WIll never do that again!

LOL and Happy Sunday!


Toad said...

Linda you are not alone, but I'll still laugh

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Toad - thanks for visiting/following me - I am now, ever so politely and happily, following you! I think my Hubby would get a kick out of your blog. He's very much an old New England Fairfield Country Day, etc., etc., but with left-leaning yet Libertarian social/political views!

Once again ----a Happy Sunday to you (and the Mrs., of course!!!)


NCJack said...

Yes, as you alluded to above, toothpaste and certain tube-based ointments should NOT be kept near each other, trust me on this one.

helen tilston said...

Amusing post. I am your newest follower and I look forward to reading your earlier posts.

Patsy said...

Both my husband and stepson were using my anti-chafe stick as a substitute deodorant, when they ran out.

Would have been a lot easier on them to simply add deodorant to the shopping list.