Sunday, July 10, 2011

And Now We Are 4

Want to really confuse a dog? Follow my example.

Show up at the dog's house, a complete stranger. Take the dog from the arms of the only guy he has ever parented, put the dog in the car of the woman he loves but hasn't seen for several weeks, and drive him for 3 days to who knows where, for why. You'd be scared too.

This is Foo Dog number 3, Milo. Don't you love his collar?


Milo spent every inch of our 1287 mile drive right here or on my lap which was the only space available in our tiny car, which turned out OK as he claimed the floor under the drivers legs as his private querencia* long ago.

Although they have lived far apart for all but 7 weeks of their lives, Milo is Charley's big brother, same parents /different litter. At last, they are reunited.


You may recall when Pooh moved in,

Pooh Bear

it took a while for the 2 girls to determine a pecking order. Now, we've added an older male Foo to our mix, along with Ted the Wonder Dog who wants his say,

Ted the Wonder Dog

and every day is Christmas.


*The querencia (the word does not translate into English) is the location, inside a bull ring, a fighting bull believes to be its sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

I like Ted, he looks like a sensible dog, and you don't have to stoop to pat him on the head.

Barbara said...

We had a dog that liked to be under the driver's feet too. Played havoc with braking.

Jeannot said...

Just adore all of them!!!!!

Gail, northern California said...

You have such a healthy, come-what-may, attitude. It's refreshing. I'll bet every one of those dogs adores you. And rightfully so.

Toad said...

Gail, I feel like the Pied Piper most days. The line forms to the rear.

David said...

Some land, a pool, and a few dogs - your house looks like more fun all the time!

(I still cannot comment under my gmail account, don't know why my avatar and such won't populate)